Product Line

The company does not manufacture any product so it does not, in the traditional sense, have a product line.

Company licensing activity however covers a wide range of industries and products including to date the following engine applications: car, light truck, heavy truck, bus, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, bulldozer, portable generator, trailer mount generator, and military light vehicle.

Licensing activity is global, including Germany, England, South Africa, Italy, China, Canada and the United States.

Unlike a conventional engine, unique attributes of the ZED engine lend it strongly to different applications. By example, the ZED engine is very quiet because it does not “explode” fuel. It is therefore an ideal engine to power backup generators for hospitals and cruise ships. Smaller versions would function as quiet  ACUs (Auxiliary Power Unit) on heavy trucks which must turn off their engine due to North American and European “no idle” laws.

The ZED engine does not allow ambient air or fuel to enter the power cylinders. It is therefore an ideal engine for civilian, first responder or military use to power portable generators in severe conditions such as heavy rain, dirt or sand storm, or snowstorm.

With no cooling system radiator or coolant, the ZED engine is immune to extreme hot or cold operating conditions which make it particularly suited for extreme industrial or mining work conditions.

ZED engines can burn any fuel either individually or mixed randomly, and still attain ideal stoich. For first responders and the military, fuel can therefore be scavenged and fuel the ZED engine regardless of the fuel type, or level of contamination. This is a great benefit when military supply lines are vulnerable, or when organizations such as FEMA are faced with widespread devastation such as New Orleans and hurricane Katrina.

In some vehicles, a transmission is not needed because the ZED engine torque power curve is similar to that of an electric motor. With maximum power reached at 0-500RPM, and typically maintained through to 6,000RPM, certain vehicles would not require a transmission, such as urban deliver vehicles and fork lift trucks.  The weight savings, and reduced mechanical energy loss, increases fuel economy.

While many other markets exist, and are currently targeted by the company, the preceding examples demonstrate the widespread benefits of the ZED engine in respect to its inherent attributes.