Company Profile

ZED Engines is a privately held company headquartered in North America. Its product is an ultra-low emissions replacement of the internal combustion engine.

Conventional engines use pressure for power, and discard combustion heat as wasted energy. In contrast, ZED (Zero Emissions Design) engines can uniquely integrate both the pressure and heat of fuel combustion to attain optimal engine efficiency.

FirebirdThe ZED engine concept was first conceived in 1992 as the advancement of a NASA/DOE heat engine study (MTI Report #91TR15) using military vehicles. The initial objective by automotive industry hobbyists, was to set a “zero emissions” land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. After seeking advanced technical assistance from manufacturers, the commercial viability of the project was quickly realized.

The ZED engine can be built in any existing engine manufacturing plant, and be installed in any existing fuel powered product. The market therefore, can include all cars and trucks, as well as farm, mining, construction, marine, rail, stationary equipment, and other applications.

Financially, a technology licensing strategy enables the company to focus on innovation, as opposed to investing in manufacturing capability that manufacturers already have.