About the Executive

The corporate executive come from a wide range of automotive, as well as financial industry, backgrounds.  With both domestic and foreign manufacturer experience in service, manufacturing and engineering, the executive and management are a close knit team of like-minded individuals.

On a personal note, we prefer our coffee made by a real barista, as opposed to a big name chain that has its employees push buttons. We scuba dive, sky dive, waterski, climb mountains, camp and go on driving vacations with our families. We enjoy custom, as well as vintage car shows (particularly British and Italian), tinkering on our own vehicles during the weekend, and car races of all sorts.

Our memberships cover a range of professional and environmental organizations. Our collective interest in college football includes an executive rivalry between Berkeley and Stanford.  We donate both our time and money to charities, including working in a church food kitchen to feed the homeless.

Look for us at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Baja 1000,  European Rally Championship, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance or the SEMA convention.

If we had a personal motto it might be – Time is short. We have an obligation to always do our best, protect the environment in which we live, and be mindful of those who are less fortunate.