VANCOUVER, British Columbia, January 2, 2015 – ZED Power Corporation announces that it has been awarded its second patent by the U.S. Patent office for its breakthrough “bottom-cycle” engine design with numerous continuance, PCT, and new patent applications in progress.

Where a conventional engines discharges 75% of its fuel energy through the radiator and exhaust as waste heat, the new “ZED” engine scavenges this normally wasted energy to substantially increase efficiency. Configured without a radiator, starter, or traditional emissions devices due to its high efficiency, ZED is a “green-tech” engine which can deliver the same power as a conventional engine, is fully scalable to fit in all vehicles, and can be built for the same cost. This business advantage ensures far easier acceptance in the marketplace as compared to electric or fuel cells. Critical to acceptance, consumers can still buy the vehicle that they want, while reducing emissions 50-90%.

This breakthrough technology was acquired from the inventor in 2010, with refinement culminating in the final prototype being completed recently at the National Research Centre in Vancouver, Canada. Awaiting the issuance of this patent, the completion of pre-production vehicles in Michigan is now scheduled for Q2, 2017.

Corporate spokesperson J. Austin reiterates that “The automotive and truck industry needs to greatly improve engine fuel efficiency, and reduce pollution in all vehicles globally, not just in niche markets such as those served by fuel cells, electrics and hybrids. ZED’s breakthrough technology is the first to utilize the full power potential of fuel, while maintaining optimal stoich at all speeds and engine loads for the cleanest possible fuel combustion. We see ZED is the first truly viable replacement for conventional engines, both in terms of cost and power, while working toward a government SULEV (super ultra-low emissions vehicle) classification (90% fewer emissions). Aside from motor vehicles, work has also begun by the company on other engine powered applications”.

About ZED Power Corporation

ZED Power Corporation conducts research in Vancouver, Canada, and is one of the privately held ZED group of companies in North America and Europe.

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